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A Successful RC Test Flight

On May 12, 2012, the Porterville Flyers in Mukwonago hosted an RC fly day for the CAP Timmerman Composite Squadron.  Cadets Cooper Dozzi, John Klein, Travis Maxwell, and Adam Moore participated in the RC flight day.  All were entertained by the amazing RC flying skills of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members and their high performance […]

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Cadets complete Phase 1 of UAV Build

The cadets completed 2 RC planes complete with installed electronics.  Each plane was tested for correct control surface movement and the transmitters were paired with the receivers.  The motors were also tested to ensure they were spinning in the proper direction. A video slideshow of the complete phase 1 build can be found via the […]

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Things heat up (literally) during RC electronics install

  During the class, cadets learned about the various powertrain components of an RC aircraft: the battery (usually a LiPo, aka Lithium Polymer), the Electronic Speed Control (ESC), the Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC), and the motor.  There was a lot of information to cover during the class… battery/electronics safety; the basics of voltage, current, & electric power; […]

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Cadets get creative with the RC aircraft project

Cadets from the squadron continued their progress on the RC model aircraft project.   The evening focused on a recap of control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, & rudder) and on completing the construction of the aircraft (including painting).  Each team created a unique paint scheme for their aircraft, and the results were fantastic.  The cadets learned […]

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Cadets begin RC plane build

Cadets from the squadron recently participated in the first RC model aircraft project.  Maj Stroede from 10th Senior Support was present to walk the cadets around the aircraft in the CAP hanger and explain how pilot control inputs affect aircraft control surfaces.  The cadets then had the opportunity to work with actual control surfaces (on a miniature […]

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Welcome to the new Site!

It may take a few weeks for the site to get to 100% functionality.  If you have any questions or comments on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the “Contact Us” link above.

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