Cadets get creative with the RC aircraft project

Cadets create a unique paint job

Cadets from the squadron continued their progress on the RC model aircraft project.   The evening focused on a recap of control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, & rudder) and on completing the construction of the aircraft (including painting).  Each team created a unique paint scheme for their aircraft, and the results were fantastic.  The cadets learned the function of the horizontal and vertical stabilizors and did a fine job of assembling and gluing the tail sections of the aircraft.   During the next lesson, the cadets will begin to install the electronic components into the aircraft and will learn safety and basics associated with soldering.

Cadets prep the plane for paint

The desired outcome of Phase 1 of this course is to have each cadet participate in the complete hands-on build process of an RC Aircraft. Aerospace education (AE) lectures will be combined with hands-on build time to ensure that each cadet can apply theory taught as part of AE to a real-world project.  Cadets will learn aerodynamic & electronic principles (science), radio control systems (technology), RC aircraft/wing/engine design & construction (engineering), and electricity & electromagnetic radiation laws and formulas (math).

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