Things heat up (literally) during RC electronics install


During the class, cadets learned about the various powertrain components of an RC aircraft: the battery (usually a LiPo, aka Lithium Polymer), the Electronic Speed Control (ESC), the Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC), and the motor.  There was a lot of information to cover during the class… battery/electronics safety; the basics of voltage, current, & electric power; how to match a battery, ESC, & motor; and ::drum roll:: how to solder.

Soldering is a requirement for anyone working on electric RC aircraft, and being able to do so safely is very important.  The cadets first reviewed the equipment needed to solder (i.e. soldering iron, fumes exhaust fan, safety glasses, helping hands clamps, etc.) as well as the soldering process.  During the evening, every cadet had a chance to solder wires and various connectors onto the ESC and RC motor connectors.  All cadets completed the supervised activities safely and learned a good deal about basic electronics.  Special thanks to LtCol Robert June for providing expert soldering supervision/safety for the cadets.


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